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Internet Reference Internet Reference Materials
Reference Pages with cool reference and utility material
Web-based free email accounts: Yahoo Mail Hotmail
Maps: Yahoo
Door to Door Directions (with maps): Yahoo
Maps and Door to Door Directions: Zip2
FCC Databases
Spectrum Inventory 137MHz - 100GHz
FCC Radio Database
Mars Exploration
The Easter Egg Archive
Federal Law Enforcement Transaction Records

HTML Writer's Guild
Java: Programming for the Internet

k-rad 31337
The home page of the DefCon convention in Vegas
Phone Losers of America
2600 Magazine
United Phone Losers
Fyodor's Exploit World
Unauthorized Windows 95 Update
NT Security
Windows 95 Annoyances
Bugtraq Archives

No More Secrets
PGP Home
PGP Public Keyserver
PGP Phone
Disney Urban Legends
Urban Legend Reference
IntelWeb - The WWW Site of Intelligence Watch Report (IWR)
What Intel Doesn't Want You To Know
The Anonymizer

Red Hat Labs
Linux Gazette

Microsoft -Software
WinFiles (formerly known as 32-bit Shareware

Fun Stuff
The Gallery of the Absurd
The Onion
Forensic Science
SETI @ Home

Online Resources
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Military Locator Service
The Big Book
411 People Finder
Internet Address Finder
Net People Finder Database
FAA Aircraft Registration Database
National Address Server
U.S. Supreme Court Decisions Database
Claims Providers of America
Attorney Search Information
Medical and Mental Health
EDGAR Database of Corporate Information
U.S. Statistical Abstracts
The World's Most Wanted People
American Medical Forensic Specialists
Beaucoup Search Engines
All In One Search Page
All4One Search Machine
National Association of Investigative Specialists, Inc.
Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals
Internet Crime Archives
Information Related to Wire-Tapping

Info Warfare
ARPA Information Technology Office
National Computer Security Association
National Security Agency
Institute for the Advanced Study of Information Warfare
Internet legal sources
The Private Investigator's Home Page
Ellison C. Urban from ARPA's paper "The Information Warrior"
Intelligence Online